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Cinque Terra Harbor in Oil
Vernazza Harbor, Cinque Terra, oil/Linen 28×32  $950.00

The world, to me, is a place of color whether it be a lavender highway stretching out in front of the car,  a deep shadow on a sunny lawn or the multi-colors on an all-black or all-white  animal.  What my eye sees,  I paint. Having lived in many places,  I find  beauty everywhere  because I look for it –even woods in the  starkest days of winter.  The Impressionists are my inspiration.    Once I was tasked to duplicate a young girl with lots of blond hair in a Renoir print;  there were so many colors in that hair,  yet it read as blond from a distance.   Working closely with that print put me in touch with the essence that makes Renoir so great.   I strive to enliven everything I paint with many colors while keeping the work recognizable.

My most satisfying creations are portraits of beloved pets which I do from photographs.   I find the eyes of a dog the most expressive and work to produce a true likeness of each animal I paint.  Sometimes the pet is gone and a photograph is all that remains;  my goal is to bring that pet to life in my painting.

My subject matter for landscapes is usually a place I have been, and I want to remember.  If others are entertained or their memories are evoked, I am doubly blessed.   I have moved many times,  and  traveled widely, so my collection is varied and extensive.  I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

All of my work is for sale. To sell is the only way an artist can continue to paint new work.  Please contact me,  if you are interested in anything that you see in this web site and I will do my best to give you the information that you seek.

Sizes of the paintings do not include matting or framing

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